Fujitsu T4215 mini review

Image courtesy Fujitsu

To cut to the end, this laptop is an excellent piece of work. It doesn’t have all the flash that some other laptops have. It’s not as good looking as the HP TX1120 but where it lacks in flash it more than makes up for with solid behavior as a tablet PC.

I won’t reproduce the specs because you can find those with a simple Google search. Instead, I’ll list the things I like about the laptop and a few of the things that I don’t, in no particular order.

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Color prototype laser projector demonstrated

Unfortunately the picture is of their monochrome "cigarette pack" system but Light Blue Optics has recently demonstrated their color system to the editors of Electronics Weekly.

The device uses an active LCD to modulate the three laser beams and generates several images in each color per frame to reduce the "noise" (speckle?) produced.

The image actually leaves the modulator with a narrow divergence angle which is broadened by anything up to 115 degrees by a two-lens group.

A considerable amount of number-crunching goes into driving the LCD, using algorithms developed by the firm.

These algorithms allow the image to be: pointed in any direction within its angular limits, and altered in geometry.

For example, imagining the projector like a small camera standing on a desk, the image could be computed for a vertical screen sitting on the desk, or for the desk surface in front of the projector. Both would be neat, rectangular and focused images, and no change in the optical path would be required to switch between the two.

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Laser TV by 2007?

Hey Asheville Zumba dancers!

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Will we have full-color laser-driven TV next year? Some people think so. One company paving the way is Novalux of Sunnyvale, CA. They’ve been developing projection systems using lasers as their light source, which is much cooler running than equivalent halogen source and even have a cell-phone sized device in development.

NECSEL breaks new ground in miniature projection by providing high-power, efficient output from a compact, affordable package. In fact, current palm-top projectors based on LED lighting measure over 30 cubic inches, produce around 20 lumens, and cost in excess of $700.00. NECSEL prototypes display a light output of over 200 lumens with both device size and cost cut in half.

According to Novalux has

demonstrated its first Necsel laser arrays that emit more than 750 mW of red light. The company has also achieved a 3 W power output from its prototype blue and green arrays – double the power of previous devices.

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HoloController update

If anyone’s interested in checking out the first fully functional (although as far as the final version goes, proof of concept) version of HoloController, I’ve just made a source and executable release through sourceforge.

I’m looking for feature ideas as well as people to contribute to the software. Check out the roadmap on the home page for more info on what I’ve got planned at the moment.

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