Honey to Die For

Jane, our lovely host in Kentucky is also a beekeeper!

The morning we arrived, she had slaved in the garage filling many jars of the clover honey her bees had made.

While I’m somewhat allergic to bees (and go to some pains to not find out just how allergic), I did enjoy standing outside near the boxes, watching them fly about.

Yes, that’s a headstone in the background.  The bees live in a small cemetery on her property.

Susan also recorded a small video.

If you’re ever near Lexington and see some Honey to Die For, pick some up.  It’s yummy.

Firework lightning

One one of the best fireworks shots from the McKee picnic.  All the pictures were taken by allowing the camera to take pictures for 4s every 6s.  While there were a few pictures brightly lit by lightning, this was the only one where the lighting was in the frame.