Astronomy Jan 21, 2013

Jupiter and the Moon were doing a dance together and while I’d taken an early picture of them together, my sister asked if I was going to get another shot at their closest approach.  Well, of course. 😉

While outside I took the time to pull the scope out into the driveway and attempt a few shots of M42.  Came away with one halfway decent shot taken at ISO 1600 for 30 seconds.

400 years of Jupiter’s moons

I forgot to post about this yesterday, which was the 400th anniversay of the discovery by Galileo of Jupiter’s moons Europa, Callisto and Io. Yeah Galileo!

Go out and look at Jupiter tonight through at least some binoculars. You’ll see a larger bright dot with smaller dots nearby. Today the average person has much better optics than Galileo had. Go look!

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Jupiter with shadows

At Frisco Starfest on Aug 8 we were treated to fairly decent views of Jupiter. The clearest I’ve seen yet, due to the fact there aren’t any heat-releasing houses surrounding the scope.

I thought that there were two moon shadows but it turns out that Callisto is dark enough relative to Jupiter that I could see it along with the shadow it was casting onto Jupiter.


Callisto is the lighter dot toward the center of Jupiter and its shadow is to the right of that.

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