Interesting things – Astronomy night 7/14/10

I took my scope out into the front yard to look at the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mars as well as wait for an ISS passover.

Soon after dark I was able to get a good shot of the Moon and Venus together. Click through for larger versions.

A through the eyepiece shot of the Moon.

And finally, a shot of the ISS passing beyond the house. I got several shots but they all show a bit of movement at the beginning even though I thought I’d set a shutter delay.

Fun, fun, fun.

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ISS over Plano, 2/24/2010

It finally cleared up around here and I was already awake so I jumped into my shoes and put on a jacket to try to get some shots of the ISS as it went over. It promised to be a bright showing and as usual, the ISS didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately my tripod did. I chose to use my lighter tripod due to being able to grab it and run outside but some of the shots show that it was flexing at the beginning of the exposures, even with a 2s delay on the camera. At least two shots came out. Each is a 15s exposure at ISO 400.

The first is the station flying right through the Big Dipper.

with the second heading away past the neighbor’s house.

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Night of the ISS…

Wednesday night was a good start to a long holiday. I started the evening trying to get shots of the ISS and shuttle passing overhead, with limited sucess and then spent some time working through the process of getting my mount aligned, man, that takes too long, and followed up with attempts at shooting M42 and the ET cluster. Not the greatest shots as my mount still was drifting and there was some wind but I hope to master this over the holiday.


ISS and the shuttle over Plano


M42, the Orion nebula


The Owl (or ET) cluster. Looks a bit like a little stick man or ET if you squint. Or maybe a Jawa with no robe on.

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IIS flyover Sep 27, 2009

Got a nice shot of the ISS passing over Plano this evening and managed to get Jupiter and the moon in the picture at the same time.

It was a great show. Keep an eye on the spaceweather satellite tracker to find out when it’ll be passing by your town.


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Spaceships ho!

This was a nice surprise. I was planning on going to tonight to watch the shuttle and ISS go over after having undocked earlier today but wasn’t expecting to see two bright dots flying across the sky.

I managed to take a single 4s shot resulting in two dashes in the sky. The little wiggle at the bottom is from me hitting the shutter button.


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