Astronomy Jan 21, 2013

Jupiter and the Moon were doing a dance together and while I’d taken an early picture of them together, my sister asked if I was going to get another shot at their closest approach.  Well, of course. 😉

While outside I took the time to pull the scope out into the driveway and attempt a few shots of M42.  Came away with one halfway decent shot taken at ISO 1600 for 30 seconds.

Rebel or Powershot?

My brother recently accused me of having too much fun with my new camera.  It’s a used Rebel and I have been having quite a lot of fun with it.  His comment got me thinking.  Is the Rebel really that much better than the Powershot for my purposes or is it just that it’s a new toy?

To try to answer that question I started a list of containing the features that I like and dislike about each camera.  The cameras are the Canon Powershot SX120 and the Canon Rebel XS.

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ISS over Plano, 2/24/2010

It finally cleared up around here and I was already awake so I jumped into my shoes and put on a jacket to try to get some shots of the ISS as it went over. It promised to be a bright showing and as usual, the ISS didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately my tripod did. I chose to use my lighter tripod due to being able to grab it and run outside but some of the shots show that it was flexing at the beginning of the exposures, even with a 2s delay on the camera. At least two shots came out. Each is a 15s exposure at ISO 400.

The first is the station flying right through the Big Dipper.

with the second heading away past the neighbor’s house.

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