Irish Dance Wiki updated


The Irish Dance Wiki has been upgraded with the latest MediaWiki (think Wikipedia) software and and number of anti-spam controls.

It’s open to anonymous editing again and you don’t need a login to edit pages.

You will have to answer a Irish dance-related question if you want to edit a page without logging in first.  But really, if you can’t answer the question, why are you editing an Irish dance wiki?

Besides, if you don’t know the answer right off, a tiny bit of research will suffice.

Please take a moment to head over and update your school/band/bio information.

Updating the Irish Dance Wiki

I’ve made a number of updates to the Canadian area of the Irish Dance Wiki (rincepedia), if you’ve got any additions or changes you’d like made, head on over and make ’em!

The site’s for dancers and musicians world-wide and everyone is able to edit.

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Irish Dance Wiki open

We’ve opened up the Irish Dance Wiki which aims to become for Irish dancing what Wikipedia is to general information.

Everyone is welcome to contribute and fill out information on schools, dancing venues, stores, books, videos, etc as they’re related to Irish dancing.

At the moment there are a large list of schools in the South USA area and links to organizations, resources and venues of interest to Irish dancers.

The wiki is open for editing so feel free to add information about your school, class, store, pub, band, etc that either caters directly to Irish dance or welcomes dancers.