Letter Home 12

Where we’ve been and what we’ve done, from Florence AL to Durbin WV

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Here’s an addendum because I forgot to add the video of the twisty turney mountain roads in the rain and hail on the way to Durbin WV


Florence 0:0


Bushnell 3:03

Sumter Oaks RV Park https://dragonseye.com/blog/2019/08/Sumter-Oaks-RV-Park/

Fixing Reception issues https://dragonseye.com/blog/2019/08/Tweaking-the-Netgear-Nighthawk-MR1100-for-RV-travel/


St. Augustine 3:32


Peach World 4:14


Asheville 4:22


Biltmore 4:54



Mushrooms! 6:00


Blue Ridge Parkway 6:36



Grove Park Antique Car Museum 7:06



Thistle Meadow Winery 7:14



Kairos RV Resort 7:36



Durbin WV 8:50




Trains! 10:27



Confederate Pride! 11:54


Green Bank 12:02



Gaudineer Knob 12:34




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How long before laser pointers are legislated out of existence?

A man arrested in DeKalb county Georgia faces charges of lying to federal agents. It’s a bit odd since he apparently admitted to police that he’d shone his laser pointer at a police helicopter.

Mohammed Haghighi, 24, allegedly shined the laser at the craft as it responded Feb. 4 to a melee at a roller rink near his apartment. Authorities said the pilots, who were wearing night vision goggles, were temporarily disoriented as the laser bathed the cockpit glass in a green glow.

The pilots saw a man holding the laser and called ground units, who arrested Haghighi. He allegedly admitted shining the light at the helicopter.

PCGG-II Trip report

Well, PCGG-II is over. Many thanks to Dinesh and Joy for hosting the event and giving me a place to stay while there. It was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to the next gathering.

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