Things I saw while on vacation. Part II

This is a continuation of this post.

We got some more snow! It didn’t stay long due to some rain overnight but it was nice while it was around.


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Things I saw while on vacation. Part I

There will undoubtedly be a part II since I’ve got another week off.

Here’s the first week of interesting sighting as 2009 comes to a close.

The first evening produced a wonderful sunset and crescent Moon


More after the break.

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Cape May 2008 Pt I

The trip began with a 6:30 am flight to DC followed by a metro ride and short walking trek to meet Margie and Dwayne near their hotel.


There was a definite chill in the air in DC but nothing a drive to Rehoboth couldn’t cure. With Margie driving we made it to the coast in just a couple of hours although their GPS tried to get us there by way of Canada.


Once in Rehoboth we went in search of Linner which ended up being fish & chips, beer followed by hot chocolate .

After that it was time for a short nap and a bit of blogging before the first ceili.

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Sunset over the wing

So I’m on my way to Mesa, AZ and the flight starts out delayed an hour but at least I’m rewarded by a pretty sunset that lasts a looong time because we’re headed West.

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Please leave a lizard with all items you are transporting

I swear that I heard the announcer at the airport say that while I was waiting to board my flight back to Dallas.

He was notifying people not to leave bags unattended but I’m not traveling with a lizard.

At least, not one I can leave with my bags.

Screwing with the traveler

Getting to the airport wasn’t bad. We were fairly close and made it in just about half an hour. I had printed my boarding pass ahead of time and breezed into the security line where it all went slightly pear shaped.

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Boeing achieves first light for ACTD

Star Wars is a bit closer.

During the "low-power" flight tests, which began Oct. 10 and conclude this fall, the ATL ACTD system will find and track ground targets at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. A low-power, solid-state laser will serve as a surrogate for ATL’s high-power chemical laser.

To prepare for the tests, the ATL aircraft, a C-130H from the U.S. Air Force 46th Test Wing, was outfitted with flight demonstration hardware at Crestview Aerospace Corp. in Crestview, Fla. The hardware includes the beam director and optical control bench, which will direct the laser beam to its target; weapon system consoles, which will display high-resolution imagery and enable the tracking of targets; and sensors.

It will be interesting to see how this develops but for the peaceniks out there, don’t fear as the weapon can be used in non-lethal means.

ATL will destroy, damage or disable targets with little to no collateral damage, supporting missions on the battlefield and in urban operations. ATL will produce scaleable effects, meaning the weapon operator will be able to select the degree and nature of the damage done to a target by choosing a specific aimpoint and laser shot duration. For example, targeting the fuel tank of a vehicle could result in total destruction of the vehicle, while targeting a tire might result in the vehicle stopping without injury to the driver.

That’s something I’d really like to see.

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Laser based flight simulation

While not precisely flight simulation with lasers (what would that be like?) Jenoptic has developed a white light projector system using lasers. This system greatly reduces power consumption and heat production and potentially provides for a much greater dynamic range. The AVIOR system is up and running on a number of projects and will soon be integrated with Airbus simulators.

RDE and Jenoptik have already been working successfully together for several years. RDE will be fitting the Jenoptik technology to three Tornado flight simulators for the German armed forces. One system has already been installed and is in operation. Work on the installation for the second simulator will start during the course of this year.

The use of state-of-the-art laser technology also means in particular that the laser projection system offers savings in the day-to-day operation by comparison with conventional projection systems which are still based on analogue technology. The RGB laser (red-green-blue) provides for projections of ultra-high quality moving images and on differently shaped projection surfaces. Over the last three years Jenoptik has continued to develop this technology specially for use in flight simulators and planetaria. The AVIOR laser systems now intended for use in the technologically highly sophisticated so-called Level D flight simulators in the civil aviation market, represent the result of years of development work and mark the high point to-date in a new, future-orientated technology from Germany.

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