4th of July, 2014 #2

I’d been thinking of doing several posts while the action was going on but was too busy watching that action.  So there’s just this one post a week late.

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Fire hose

We’ll get rid of those pesky mosquitoes one way or another!

Fire Heart

Another in the McKee picnic series.  This one looks a lot like a heart, drawn with a morning glory.  Makes me want to put together some gadgets to do light painting regularly.

Spell casting

One of the shots from the McKee picnic fireworks show looks like someone casting a spell.


Interesting Things: New years 2012

The beginning of the new year celebration.

The food is ready, there’s music playing…

Missile Command!

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Interesting things – Independence Day 7/4/10

Nice relaxing 4th.

With a visit by aliens.

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Two-color 4th of July

Late last week I put together a shot of the fireworks from my original 4th of July hologram and the latest version of the flag into a two-color version that I’ll be selling as a limited edition of 100.

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4th of July

The big project this week was a new version of the US flag hologram I made for Andres when he became a US citizen.

I’ve wanted to add fireworks for some time now and started work on just that last weekend.

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