Stephen King, stay out of space

I have no idea where the following dream came from.

I dreamed that Stephen King had purchased an island.

Seems plausible so far.

He then proceeded to outfit it with a full spaceport and planned to launch his own shuttle into space.

Wth, brain?

At the end of the dream thousands of people were on hand to watch the takeoff.

It was a beautiful, clear night.  The engines lit.  The shuttle began to rise on a column of fire while the crowd cheered.

And then the shuttle  veered toward the ground and exploded in a spectacular ball of fire.

Steven King, stay the hell out of space.

Weekend musing’s. Sometimes out loud

Susan: (while walking Chip) isn’t he cute?

Me: You’re cute, he’s adorable,

Susan: Gee thanks.

Susan: Is it still a white trash lawn ornament if the homeowners aren’t white?

Sign seen on Facebook “If you think you’re too small to have an impact try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.”
Me: Mosquitos have a built in weapon. So that sign is basically telling me to go through life with a sharp pointy weapon and get all stabby when I want to make change happen.

I guess I can do that.

Susan: be careful walking near the Cyprus, it’ll get in your fur.

Me: I’m not Chip.

Susan: Be careful anyway.

Seen at the library: “Brown bag book club”
Do they bring their own lunch or is it a club for books that can only be carried in a brown bag?
If the latter do they have the club meeting out in the open or do they use a back room? Do they leave the lights down low and wear masks so nobody knows who they are?

Peenyo nowarr

Susan: We have to water right after applying the pre-emergent and we can’t water until $%#^ Thursday.

Me: maybe we can just set the yard on fire come spring and re-seed.

Scarborough Faire

It was a perfect day for Scarborough Faire on Saturday with temperatures hovering between 55 and 70 degrees and Susan and I got there just after opening at 10am and stayed until past closing. Emmy, April and Andi met us about 2pm and Andres and Luz Amalia arrived about 3pm.

We caught Zilch the Tory Steller,

Elephant riding and feeding by the girls.

A fire-eating juggler whose name I didn’t get. He does a very entertaining show.

With final pictures in the rose garden.

Several of us followed up by a late dinner at Maggiano’s.

Dolmen work II

The dolmen is moving along (slowly, but moving) and last night I did a reflection color test to find out what concentration of TEA (triethanolamine) to use to get some interesting colors in the final hologram.

As a test I prepared some 2, 3, and 4% solutions of TEA and cut up a 4×6" piece of film into three sections.

the TEA was fleshly prepared and still warm and each piece of film was soaked for about a minute, squeegeed and left to dry for 30 minutes in my drying box.

The subject was a simple background that I could use to easily judge the differences in color.

After a 10s exposure the strips were developed in JD2 and bleached with EDTA and dried.

I ended up with a range of colors from yellow-red to gold that should work well in the final hologram.

At the moment I’m thinking of using a subtle range of colors rather than the more easily made red/green/orange I was thinking of. Something more along the lines of orange for the moon, golden for the terrain and a fire red for the inside of the dolmen where a fire might be.

With luck I’ll do the masters this weekend

Laser pointer kills millions!

That’s the story we’ll hear next week.

This week we’re hearing about a laser pointer that way "laid" or "placed" (depending on who is transcribing the story that everyone is repeating) on a dermatology exam table and somehow sparked a fire that caused $200,000 in damages.


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