SAFF 2019

What’s SAFF?

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.

We only spent one day but took about 5 hours to get through all the booths containing all sorts of supplies and equipment for fiber arts.

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Interesting Things: Chipster

It was a fun outing weekend with the boy. We started off by meeting a friend at an SPCA event where Chip got to meet a toy Schnauzer.

Of course, Susan got kisses from the boy. Chip didn’t even seem jealous.

Afterwards we motored off to the Fiat dealership to drive and eventually buy a new 500 for Susan. Chip was really good the whole type, off leash and staying close.

Sunday found us at the Huffines art festival where Chip got to talk to a few more dogs, including another Schnauzer.

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Interesting things I saw today 5/30/10

Susan and I met a friend (hi Grady) at SF on Sunday for a day of wandering around, drinking beers and bellinis, seeing shows, looking at goodies and saying hi to people we haven’t seen in a while.

One of those was Bill, who unfortunately we didn’t get to say hi to, marching in the parade.

A few wandering tarts…

as well as many others. Fun day. Click on either photo to check out the other pictures in the gallery.

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A bit of NTIF

It was a good, busy day. We took Chip out for his first festival and he seemed to really enjoy meeting the other dogs and wasn’t too freaked out by the crowds. He’s a quick, bouncy dog and the few times there were just too many feet around, he’d jump about a bit. We carried him through the worst.


There was plenty of dancing with Saturday night closing with a three-hour ceili played by the Lone Star Ceili Band and called by Susan and myself.


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Lady McArthur’s Fiery Fare

We went to Scarborough Faire last weekend and one new item is definitely worth an extra mention.

There’s a hot sauce shop that’s opened up at the faire and normally I wouldn’t associate a renfest with peppers but in this case I’m glad it was there.

Lady McArthur’s Fiery Fare is a small shop full of jars of various hot sauces from very mild to take-your-head-off hot. Susan and I have been making a dent in the three jars we bought and while each are quite different from each other, they’re all excellent.

I highly recommend them if you like hot sauces of any kind.