Air travel

I love this quote from the The New York Times.

Air travel, for example, is generally so vile (at least outside first class) that the trip itself is work, as you suggest. You should be given bonus pay. Or a powerful sedative.

It’s just a matter of time before we’re all sedated and stuffed in boxes.

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Why I buy so few music tracks and movies

The short version is that the media companies aren’t serving my needs in the simplest fashion. I won’t buy DRM’d product. I won’t buy from companies that make me jump through hoops. I won’t buy from companies that treat me like a criminal when I’m trying to give them my money.

The much longer reason is given by Clay Shirky.

Go read it.

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Bad customer support

I had to reinstall our answering machine software recently and had mis-placed the registration key which would unlock features I’d paid for long ago. Features such as being able to record messages longer than 15 seconds. Bleh.

Hoping that the authoring company would help me out, I wrote them asking for the key based on the registration confirmation email I did have.

Instead of helping out an existing customer they decided to try to basically extort more money out of me.

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Include a link, you doofus!

Why don’t reviewers include links to the products they’re reviewing? This negative trend has been getting worse and worse.

The review that triggered this post was of a review of Microsoft Streets & Trips over at

Not once does the author provide a link to the product home page or any place to buy the product. The latter isn’t such a big deal but not providing the former just adds a burden on your readers. Are you doing reviews to aid your readers or is it just for ego?

They aren’t the only ones that do this. Reviews all over the web fail to provide product links. Why?!