Saga Of The Ear, Let There Be Blood!

Because some of you won’t be happy until you see blood, I’m going to give you blood.

But first, a picture of me just back home after being opened up and shuffled by the Doctor.  Without the blood.

I don’t look too different for having been shuffled

Yep.  They sent me home with a giant wad of gauze strapped to my head.

Now that’s out of the way, to the blood!

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Saga Of The Ear, Continued

Because social media platforms will likely pick the first image as a preview here’s a picture of our best boy.


Here we are again.  You and me.

We’ve never really been apart but it feels like you haven’t been around much.  You just did your thing and nobody really noticed.

You were keeping half of the sound to yourself that should have mine but I’d gotten used to that.

And then you wanted some attention.

You developed a hole.  Apparently my head needed some ventilation.

We noticed the hole back in August and decided to see if it would heal on its own or if you would try to kill me again.

You decided on the latter.

I’m being a bit hyperbolic here.  Beware my gentle-hearted readers.  There will be photos below the fold.

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How Are You?

I never know how to answer that question and I’ve been getting asked that a lot over the last several months.

Even If it’s someone I know, there’s a 50% (or more) chance what they’re really asking is the equivalent of “The sky sure is blue, isn’t it?” and is just a way to fill empty verbal space without a real interest in how I’m doing.  The equivalent of passing someone in the hallway and asking “how ya doing?” before moving on.  A way to acknowledge the existence of another person without getting involved.

Usually I just answer “fine” or “ok” or “meh” even when I would really rather curl up in bed and stay there all day.

For the people in my life who really are interested in the details, this is the best way I know  to fill them all in without wearing myself out.

If you don’t want to get involved, go ahead and move along to the next post or web site.  If you’re truly curious about how I’m doing today read on…

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The Saga of the Ear, Pt 3

Some of you wanted gross-out pictures from the inside of my head so here you go.

First is the required non-squeamishy picture, not of my dog this time but rather a picture of a tasty sangria that I can’t have right now.  Not that I would anyway since it’s 3am when I’m writing this but if it were 3pm I still couldn’t have one with the meds I’m on.

Go on, just look at that frosty glass and tasty, tasty liquid.  You know you want one.

Excellent.  Now that you’re all soothed, here come the crime-scene photos.

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My View for Today

Definitely starting off here


Though I may also move to here before the day is out.


Given that Susan hurt her foot last night, she gets first dibs on the recliner. Besides, she could easily take me in any fight over it.
Definitely missing my little friend morphine. Hydrocodone isn’t as good at night. There will be no dancing, jogging or car trips in my near future. Any strong head movement is baaad.