Emerald School NTIF 2008 DVD

A fund-raising DVD is available to students and families of the Emerald School to help out with the upcoming Bluebonnet Feis in April.

If you’re a student of or a member of a family that has a student in the Emerald School check out the information page to see additional screenshots of the DVD and ordering information. If there’s enough interest, DVDs of previous NTIF performances may be made available.

Review – The Pride of Erin

The following is a short review of the DVD Pride of Erin which was filmed and produced by Pat Murphy in 2005 with music played by Heather Breeze.

The DVD is available directly from Pat Murphy.

Overall the DVD is an excellent resource. The dances are explained while being actively demonstrated by the minimum number of people needed (usually two) and the dancing is clear at all times.

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Faoi Do Chois

Over the weekend Susan and I started reviewing a new dance DVD called Faoi Do Chois from Padraig and Roisin McEneany which includes instructions for four sets, the Connemara, Durrow Threshing, Fermanagh and South Sligo Lancers.

While not perfect, this is an excellent resource for those (like us) looking to learn more sets to teach others, or those others looking to just learn more sets.

We haven’t made it all the way through the DVD yet but I wanted to get a basic review out while we study to teach the first few figures of the Durrow Threshing set for an upcoming ceili.

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