A bit of NTIF

It was a good, busy day. We took Chip out for his first festival and he seemed to really enjoy meeting the other dogs and wasn’t too freaked out by the crowds. He’s a quick, bouncy dog and the few times there were just too many feet around, he’d jump about a bit. We carried him through the worst.


There was plenty of dancing with Saturday night closing with a three-hour ceili played by the Lone Star Ceili Band and called by Susan and myself.


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Chip goes to the dog park

Chip hasn’t been to the dog park in a long time so we decided to head out there since we haven’t taken the boy on a real walk in several days.

He started getting excited when he saw us getting our shoes out because that always means we’re going somewhere. The tone of our voices and way we were talking to him meant he was going with us so at the very least he knew we were going for a walk.

When we started heading for the garage he knew we were going somewhere even more interesting than normal and once we started driving he began absolutely quivering with excitement.

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Take me for a walk, now.


The boy loves to be outside and so far is a great influence for getting up and running at 6-o-f**k in the morning. With work and such keeping me busy I haven’t been getting up at 4am in quite some time and it’s hard to get out of bed these days.

Having a little dog that wants to *run* as soon as we leave the house helps.

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Antiques roadshow

We applied for tickets to the Dallas Antiques Roadshow several months ago and with our tickets in hand we went out Saturday morning with a typewriter, steam engine and ruler-like thing that we had no idea about.

We dropped by my dads house and borrowed some earrings from my sister which were easily from the early 1900s.

We arrived at the convention hall about 1:30 and entered the endless line at 1:45.

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Sleepy Chip

I won’t be posting pictures of the little guy all the time but this one is really cute.

He went with us to the pet store and Starbucks followed by his first trip (with us) to the dog park.

Now he’s sacked out on the patio.

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4th of July

The big project this week was a new version of the US flag hologram I made for Andres when he became a US citizen.

I’ve wanted to add fireworks for some time now and started work on just that last weekend.

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Welcome our newest US citizen… Andres Ghisays

Today Andres Ghisays (who was born in Columbia) will become a US citizen. He’s off this morning to be sworn in and in honor of this occasion I’ve created a hologram just for him.

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