Chip Harrison – March 21, 2005 – July 13, 2020

Our sweet little ball of dog has moved on to his next adventure.

He joined our family and made us a pack on May 10, 2008. He was curious about his new home at the beginning but also a bit wary of Michael. He followed Susan around like the goddess she is.

Susan found him through MSRNT, and he was the first foster for the person who brought him over to meet Susan (I was away on a business trip). He very nearly turned his foster parents into failed fosters.

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The many faces of Chipster

We stopped at Snowshoe in WV yesterday and after walking around for a bit Susan stopped for a photo op with Chip.  He’s always willing to sit or stand for food.  He’s pretty much willing to do anything for food.

The entire lot of photos are over in his gallery but here are a choice few.

Nyah Nyah!

Dog shark!


Got food?

I will wait for you…

We leave for lunch and wander about town for several hours and because Portland and the time change, it’s dark when we get back home.

The route we take runs past the side of the building where our apartment sits and we look up and see the boy waiting and watching for us out the window.

Occasionally looking over toward the door as he’s doing in the picture above.

We’ll be home in just a few minutes, sweet boy.