Interesting things I saw today 5/17/10

It’s been rainy and gray in CT so the best I can do is show you what I’m having for dinner.

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New England Air Museum

I had some time at the end of a business trip last week to drop by the New England Air Museum and I’m glad I did. I saw a sign for it at the end of a trip last December and made a mental note to try to stop by during a future trip to CT and last week I had a chance to do just that.

If you like aircraft (plus a few cars, bikes and motorcycles and even an Apollo moon suit) you should make a point of dropping by the NEAM. It’s well worth the trip. The full load of pictures is available in our gallery with a few notables after the jump.

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ClearType Rotator 0.03

A new version of CTR has been released.

0.3 – June 27, 2007. Modified so that a full screen redraw is always
issued after the screen is rotated. Ensures that all current apps will
redraw with current CT settings.

Go get it…

ClearType Rotator 0.02

ClearType Rotator v 0.02 is available through the previous link.  It’s mostly functional with the only remaining work to do being:

  1. Remove the UI.  That’s the plan at the moment although I may just make it an alternate interface.
  2. Change the icon.  It was borrowed from some .NET sample code.
  3. Implement loading the ClearType Tuner powertoy.
  4. Implement a "load on startup" setting.

What it does at the moment is:

  1. Rotates the screen to a user-specified orientation.
  2. Saves the current ClearType settings.
  3. When the screen orientation is changed, if CT settings have been saved CTR will automatically restore those settings.

All of this is through a menu available from an icon in the system tray.