Baking vegetables

We’ve had several requests for information on how we do our weekly allotment of vegetables and so, here it is.

You won’t find any big secrets here and a big shout out goes to America’s Test Kitchen since the original recipe came from them.

Several years back I started cooking a large batch of veg so that we could get to eating dinner faster and at the same time eat more healthily.  I found a recipe in an ATK volume, though I haven’t re-located it, and each week or so started piling all sorts of veg into casserole dishes and baking them at 500 degrees F for 20-25 minutes.  By taking the veg straight out of the oven and immediately putting into snaplock containers, they self vacuum seal and can last for a several weeks in the refrigerator.

At dinner time, we just grab a container and nuke it until the veg is hot, serve and eat.

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Toasted Quinoa

Quinoa.  Susan introduced me to it this past year (as a birthday present if I remember correctly) and after cooking it the first time I knew I had to make it a diet staple.

The basic recipes I’d found were good enough but on a recent trip to Fredericksburg, TX we found the best recipe yet.

Where? The Navajo Grill.

Everything we had for dinner was good. Very good.  The Quinoa though was wonderful.

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Oven-roasted salmon


America’s Test Kitchen continues not to disappoint.  Easy prep, fast cooking and very tasty.

Chicken, Veg, Yum


Health food of fish, chicken and veg with a side of Blue Moon.

Dinner for My Sweetie


Because really. Is there anything that says “I love you” better than cooking a meal for someone?