Sets at the Comhaltas Fri night

Sliabh Luachra Set 9:12

Kilfenora Set 9:25

Cashel Set 9:58

Waltz 10:05

Paris Set 10:25

High Cauled Cap (the body every time through isn’t so bad if you save the high stepping for the end) 10:50

Plain Set 11:30

Ballingeary Jig Set 11:55

Claddagh Set 12:17

Caledonian Set 12:35

Connemara Set 12:55

Rake of Reels 1:15

With the ceili ending at 1:20. The music was performed by the Green Gates Ceili band and friends and was absolutely fantastic. I hope we can bring a CD or two back to share with Club Rince Ghaelaigh.

October 19th set dance workshop

Connemara Set turn the ladyThe set dance workshop held by Maldon Meehan and Ronan Regan is over and was great fun.

They spent two hours showing us the basic steps for the Connemara Set and running us through the figures after which they gave us a demo of Sean Nos dancing to show us all what the footwork is really supposed to look like!

Ronan also played fiddle for several of the figures and while we learned the footwork which was great to listen to and helped to keep us on track at a speed slower than the CD. I’m sure our neighbors wondered just what was going on 🙂

Afterwards we hung out for a while and talked while enjoying some of the goodies brought by various attendees.

It was a great workshop and we’re looking forward to seeing them again one day. If you get a chance to attend a workshop with them definitely don’t pass it up.

A few more pictures are available in our gallery.

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October 19th set dance workshop

Maldon Meehan & Ronan Regan will be in the Plano, TX area Thursday, October 19th and have offered to teach a workshop on the Connemara Set and steps that go with it. If you haven’t seen set dancing and the fancy footwork that can be added to spice it up, take a look at this video showing some of the Clare Plain set.

You won’t be expected to dance like that by the end of the workshop, but you will learn the figures in the Connemara Set and basics of the steps that go with it. It’s a lively and quite popular set.

The location for the workshop has not yet been determined and depends entirely on how many people can attend and what studios are available. It will most likely be held in the Plano area. The workshop will run from 7:00 – 9:00pm and will cost $15 per person.

If you are interested and can plan to attend the workshop please contact us as soon as possible so we can determine how much space we’ll need. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn a fun dance from two talented instructors; don’t miss it!

If you know someone who might be interested in this workshop, please pass the word on.

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