CRG demo at Colonial Lodge

Club Rince Ghaelaigh put on another dance demo at Colonial Lodge this past Sunday and they’ve got a good dance floor going. It’s a shame the residents aren’t physically up to dancing cause they’ve got a good room for it.

We did parts of the Clare Plain Set, the Four-Hand reel, some stepping about, a Two-Hand and the Duke Reel.

Check out the pictures through the link…

Friday set workshop

It was great fun, we learned a fast and frantic Ballingeary Jig Set followed by an easier set whose name I forget at the moment.


As always Padraig and Roisin were great instructors although they’re human too and messed up one set.  Naturally I have that on video and the rest of the Club Rince Ghaelaigh will see it as Susan and I pass on the sets we’re learning.

Fun time.