Ahh, a September Ceili

It’s finally cooling off, the clouds saw fit to mizzle on us most of the day and the temperature was finally in the range where it was pleasant to go for a walk in the middle of the day.

Naturally we all piled into the pub Trinity Hall to jump around and get hot to good music played by the Trinity Hall Session Players

The dances done were:

Haymakers jig,
Siege of Ennis
Kilfenora Set
High Cauled Cap
Ballyvourney jig
Rakes of Mallow

Hopefully next month I’ll be able to spend more time dancing and calling than this time.  Thanks to everyone how came out to dance and to Trinity Hall and the session players for the venue and wonderful music!

Click on the picture for the full gallery.

Willow Clouds

Because you can’t get enough pretty pictures. Desert Willow flowers against clouds at sunset.

Window clouds

Sometimes the view outside is just simply gorgeous.

Cloud painting

Lovely clouds that if anyone painted them, everyone else would think the artist was smoking something.

Need some clouds?

Interesting Things: Clouds

More backlog. Great clouds during a morning run with my running buddy.

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Interesting things – Will there ever be rain?

Here’s another picture Katie! August 21st is the next Trinity Hall ceili and Sep 3rd is the next ceili at the Sammons Center.

I would give anything to have clouds like these, especially if they meant we were getting rain!

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Interesting things – Moon 6/28/10

Went for a ralk with the boy and was rewarded with a great view of the Moon.

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Interesting things – clouds 6/27/10

Another morning ralk with Chip, the perfect dog. There were some great crespucular rays in the East.

And the Moon in the West

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Interesting things 6/14/10

A wonderful view in the morning. This time it was at 4am and I was looking up at the Milky Way near Cassiopea. If you look carefully at the right you’ll see M31.

Some great snorkeling

Rum punches galore

There was also a handsome iguana, great clouds and a view through the sea grape branches, wonderful sunrise, turtles, etc. You get the idea.

Click on any of the pictures for the full gallery for the third day.

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