Chip goes to the dog park

Chip hasn’t been to the dog park in a long time so we decided to head out there since we haven’t taken the boy on a real walk in several days.

He started getting excited when he saw us getting our shoes out because that always means we’re going somewhere. The tone of our voices and way we were talking to him meant he was going with us so at the very least he knew we were going for a walk.

When we started heading for the garage he knew we were going somewhere even more interesting than normal and once we started driving he began absolutely quivering with excitement.

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Down dog

Now this is how to do a proper down dog


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Why aren’t you home, running with me?


Wish I were, little friend.

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Take me for a walk, now.


The boy loves to be outside and so far is a great influence for getting up and running at 6-o-f**k in the morning. With work and such keeping me busy I haven’t been getting up at 4am in quite some time and it’s hard to get out of bed these days.

Having a little dog that wants to *run* as soon as we leave the house helps.

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You will obey me


You will rub my chest until I expire from terminal happiness.

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Anyone got a light?

Can someone help me get this relit?

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Lazy Sunday

For Chip anyway.

While I was working on the computer, outside on the patio, chip was pining for Susan

and trying to hide in the grass.

A few more hours and we’ll have to put him in his crate while we go play at Lochrann’s. Wish we could take him along.

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Back in the lab

You ever look back at something you did months ago and wonder, "why did I do that?"

I did that this evening with the controller that I’ve got in my lab.

I’m starting work on another hologram for a professor at A&M and needed to do a bit of maintenance on the table. Strange, but every time a new hologram request from her comes in, there’s something that needs doing in the lab before I can get started.

This time the HEPA fan wasn’t shutting off during an exposure and the table light sensor wasn’t working.

It turned out with the HEPA fan that somehow I’d wired up the relay connection with an additional 5v going to it. I have no idea why I did that. Fortunately it just caused the controller chip on that port to heat up (and not work) but didn’t blow anything. Odd that it was working for a while and then just stopped.

The light sensor just turned out to be a loose connection at the junction between the table wiring and the controller wiring. Gremlins.

I also found a problem with the holocontroller software not always shutting off the fan and fixed that.

Now I just need to straighten up the lab, prep some film, paint the subject and shoot. All tomorrow morning.

Intel, UCSB HSL laser chip

Intel and UCSB have developed a hybrid silicon laser and both emits and guides light. This could have wide-ranging effects on the telecommunications and computer industry.

This breakthrough addresses one of the last major barriers to producing low-cost, high-bandwidth silicon photonics devices for use inside and around future computers and data centers.

It’s pretty easy to imagine very high bandwidth connections between devices that would allow all sorts of computing extensions using less space on the desktop and without one central "box" that many of us have become used to.

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