Interesting things I saw today 4/16/10

It was a fairly ordinary day but Chip got an evening treat.


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Interesting things I saw today 4/14/10

Taking the boy out for a walk I was treated to pretty clouds.

Roses that are going absolutely wild.

A great sunset (with kites).

A view of Venus setting in the West.

After playing with some time lapse photos I found that I got a near effect if I move the camera. This is looking down the street toward a setting Venus. The white squiggle in the upper right 1/4 of the picture is Venus. The other is a couple of street lights.

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Interesting things I saw today 4/13/10

Chip enjoying an evening walk.

People practicing their karate moves. Not sure what the camera focused on but I kinda like the result.

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Interesting things I saw today 4/8/10

Tux contemplates the chocolate chip saucer.

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Interesting things I saw today 3/28/10

My sister Liz went out to “the farm” (not ours) and we wanted to go out yesterday too but it was too windy.

Today was better so we threw Chip into the car and drove up.

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Interesting things I saw today 3/27/10

We braved the wind today in order to take Chip out to the dog park where…

He got to meet some new friends…

Run around without a leash…

and get blown around by the wind.

Happy dog.

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NTIF 2010 A Dogs View

Chip seemed to have a ball at the North Texas Irish Festival over the weekend.

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Happy walking Chip

We’re going to walk more, right?

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Comfy Chip pictures

What a life. It doesn’t take much to make Chip happy. A warm blanket or just the leg of his goddess.

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Frozen legged Chip

I haven’t posted a picture of Chip in a while so here’s a recent one with snow covering his legs.

Susan had to put him into a warm bath after that walk.

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