Getting ready to jump about

The Comhaltas is getting closer and Susan and I are frantically packing, getting dance material together, charging batteries, preparing the video recorder and generally running about the house.

It’s going to be a weekend full of Irish music, ceili and set dancing. Can’t wait.

Oh, and we’re going on a bus tour of New York. Sometimes you just gotta be a tourist.


Getting ready for our legs to fall off

Next weekend Susan, Jean and I will be in Parsippany, NJ for the 2008 Comhaltas Convention where we’ll spend most of 5 days dancing.

When we went to the 2006 convention our legs were very tired after just four days of dancing but we’re looking forward to the fun especially since it promised to be larger than the last convention and will have Padraig and Roisin McEneaney running several set workshops.

We’ll also have a ceili every night which is a great way to end an evening.

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Quotes heard at O’Flaherty

The only thing I regret is that we didn’t have any wood.

We had to dance or carpet so the footwork couldn’t be heard. A few others thought this was a more personal observation.

We’ll all take turns with Emmy’s brother.

I think that Andi was referring to everyone taking turns dancing with Emmy’s brother at the next ceili and not simply a plan to pass Emmy’s brother around the group of mostly married women. One of the hazards of coming into a conversation in the middle.

Review of the final 2006 season SCMA ceili

The July/August issue of the SCMA e-ceili has a nice review of the May 2007 ceili by Brandon Jones.

The night moved along fast. There was some teaching, then some dancing, then more teaching and more dancing. Every few songs the whole floor would take a breather to get drinks and snacks. There were about 37 people there — couples, singles, families, all kinds, all types. The whole group was wildly energetic. They danced and laughed and just had fun the whole time.

I’m glad you enjoyed it Brandon and hope you can make it out to future ceili ‘s.

SCMA ceili Apr 14, 2007

bonfire dance at the scma ceiliThere was a really small group this month (where was everyone else?) and we were one musician short (Allison dropped her keyboard! 🙂 ) but everyone had a fun time. The music was played by Mimi Rogers with calling by me and Susan.

We had a few new people at the beginning so we started with the Rakes of Mallow and then moved on to a Scottish dance, the Cumberland Reel followed by several figures from the Caledonian Set.

Mimi didn’t know the music for the Cumberland Reel before the ceili and picked it up from sheet music Susan printed ahead of time. Great job Mimi.

For the last dance of the evening we did the Bonfire Dance with Mimi as the bonfire.

More pictures (and video once I capture it) at the ceili gallery.

2006 Denton ceili pictures and video

Some pictures and video from the September 16, 2006 Denton Ceili are available in the gallery.

It was a fun ceili hosted by the Denton Celtic Dancers and played by the Lone Star Ceili Band and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.

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