Alternate reality


A different take on frost on a car.

32 degrees today and going to be 75 two days from now.

Yep, I’m still in Texas.

Golden Grasshopper

Little guy was not at all afraid of me.  I got very close and even touched him and he stayed right where he was.  “My car!”

I finally had to encourage him to go somewhere else when it came time for me to wash the car he was on.


Driving to work this week and I see someone with Satan on their license plate.

Devil-worshipping Lexus? Makes sense to me

Maybe it’s supposed to be an indian but that’s not what it looks like from one car back.

Dash cookies!


Since the wine tasting is off for today (thanks loads txdot! Not!) I’m going to make dash cookies!

I left the cookies in the car for almost three hours…

and they slowly melted and

A couple merged together at which point I leveled out the pan.

And by the end I had some yummy cookies and a great smelling car.

Next time I won’t use a pan with an air gap.  The bottoms were a bit gooey.  We still any another couple of months of Summer here in TX so I’ll have another chance to try this.

Car club meeting



There was an antique car club meeting in our neighborhood today.

SPOD: 011113 Glass Sky

Glorious sunrise this morning followed by more gloriousness while I was driving in (blinding golds and yellows reflecting off the clouds) and as I’m turning away from my car to walk into work I see this.  “Ooooh, that’s interesting.” and pull out my camera.  Next time I’ll get out the tripod too.  It’s difficult to get bracketed shots by hand.

Interesting things – Hoard much?

I had a day off recently so Susan and I went to see Harry Potter. After parking in the parking garage *gasp* I noticed that the car next to ours looked odd. I then saw that it was overflowing with crap.

The front seat was just as full.

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Interesting things – WTF car

I don’t see too many weird things on the morning runs with the dogs – well, alright there was the mouse crossing the street – but this definitely falls into the wierd box.

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Interesting things – Wandering Bee Colony

On the way to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival I noticed a cloud of bees above the car as we pulled out of the alley.

We stopped for a bit and watched the bees fly about for a moment. It wasn’t clear if they were forming a hive anywhere near but we figured they must be.

On returning home we saw the colony in a neighbors tree.

The neighbors weren’t home but I expect the bees will move on tomorrow. If not we’ll be calling a beekeeper to find them a new place to live.

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