Chip, Sophie & the Bunny

The dog days of summer are in overdrive here in North Texas, in the hottest, driest, most miserable summer since 1980.  What could possibly motivate two black Mini Schnauzers to stay outside for more than 30 seconds?  Prey!

What is this?  A mysterious scratching, scrabbling sound in the downspout?  (Get out of the way!  I want to sniff it!)  What could have crawled in there?

Time for the human to extract the mysterious critter.

Ooo, it’s a bunny rabbit, and not a baby but a full grown rabbit. Now for the final chase! (…after the human, er, points out the prey and said prey makes the mistake of moving.)

That’s right, doggies, you chased the bunny out of your yard, so it can no longer leave "bunny bearings" or tufts of fur or those glorious smells…  Wait!  Come back!

Interesting things 6/10/10

Flower on its way out, cause all things must pass.

Meanwhile the baby bunnies are getting bigger. Even with Chip around the yard.

It’s always a good time to take a picture of our sweet puppy.

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Interesting things I saw today 6/4/10

Scary knitted monster claws

Followed by Chip going after some bunnies in the yard

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Screaming bunnies

I have never before heard a bunny scream, but I did last night.

Susan called me outside and quietly pointed under one of our rose bushes where I saw a little tiny baby bunny.

The thing was so young that it could barely hop and had trouble staying upright while doing so.

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