Royal Playa Del Carmen – review

Wonderful all-inclusive.  Highly recommended.

Is the Royal perfect?  No.

Is the Royal almost perfect?  Yes.

First off, I’m someone that usually works to stay away from all-inclusive resorts.  The idea of going to a new place in the world and being separated from the people that live in that place is a big turn-off.  When I go someplace, I want to be *in* the place, so I can see what it’s really like. Continue reading “Royal Playa Del Carmen – review”

St. Croix 2015

It was past time for another beach trip and in the spirit of “just do it,” Susan booked the resort and air travel in the space of about 5 minutes. I could be exaggerating a bit, but not by much.

By May 9th, we were off to St. Croix. Ahhhhh.

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Learn an language!

I’ve seen the following ad on Facebook a few times over the last few weeks and clearly since I’m both

  1. Over 40
  2. Male


The language video for me is one that contains imagery of a young happy woman with large mammalian protuberances, standing near a beach.

I wonder if they’ve created a similar video for women.  It would probably feature a young happy man with a large mammalian protuberance.  Most likely his nose.

Because You Needed a Picture of an Iguana

Taken in St. Thomas.  Oh to be on a beach, watching the igs chase each other or falling out of trees.


The best way to end a day on the island.

Plata Prieta

We had the beach all to ourselves.

Plata Prieta, a beach alone.

Ahh, Beach

Haven’t posted any pictures from our PR trip here so here’s the first.

View of the beach from the door of our condo.  We were staying at Ababor Suites on Vieques.

Interesting things 6/19/10

Another morning of rain. It was was gray but the rain sounded nice.

We took a walk along the beach. What’s that?

Saw a few Iguanas.

and discovered that the camera flash actually works pretty well under water.

We took several ig pictures and a whole load under water.

Click on any of the pictures for the full gallery for the last day.

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Interesting things 6/18/10

It was another morning beginning with stargazing. Took several long-exposure shots of Cygnus and followed by by shots of St. John in the dark.

It was another fine day of beach-lounging and skorkeling.

There were some great underwater critter sightings such as a nice pale urchin and squid!

Susan later found an occupied conch shell and we ended the night with dinner in Red Hook

Click on any of the pictures for the full gallery for the seventh day.

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