The return (or end?) of BatteryGit

So some of you are aware of the joy that BatteryGeek has brought to my (& Susans) life.

Recently I was contacted by someone claiming to be his soon to be ex wife and saying that Sean Murray had run off with the company leaving her with no money and millions in debt as he apparently used her credit to prop up the company.

User IP-address: xxxx

User Name: Melissa

User Email: melissabo—

User Homepage:


I am Sean Murrays wife. Currently we are getting a divorce. He ran off with the company leaving me no income even though I am also on our Articles of Incorporation. I sympathize with your story, it is quite obvious that he is manipulative as I also have felt the defeat of being used for my good credit to help propel our company forward. Now I have to file for bankrupcy. MOre on the story, write to me.

Before responding to her I did a few net searches and found that even his neighbors dislike Mr. BatteryGit.

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Interesting Coincidences

What do you normally think when you get a sales call and the person on the other end says he is responding to a request you made online? Many people would respond that the person made a mistake, ask to be taken out of their database and forget about it. That’s what I did.

What if you got two similar calls in the same hour?

What if you received 32 such calls in a single day?

What if those calls continued day after day?

That happened to me. And that was only the beginning.

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Update on BatteryGeek

This is a follow-up to my last review of BatteryGeek.

On September 15th Sean from BatteryGeek contacted me about a review of his battery pack I’d posted on Amazon. He was "painfully disappointed" about it and wasn’t sure where the ball was dropped but suspected that their relocation from Texas to Oregon was the source of the customer service problems I’d experienced.

He asked if I would "kindly consider removing your negative feedback and whatever other negative comments you have left for my company and products anywhere else on the web."

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Lack of Post-sale Customer Service

Back in May 2005 I purchased an Averatec C3500 tablet PC. It was a bit of an impulse buy but I was looking for another model from Averatec that had everything the C3500 has but no tablet and after getting a demo I decided to buy one. I’m pretty happy with the laptop except that the beast runs hot and has pretty awful battery life. I can squeeze two hours out of it but that’s the maximum. On the other hand it’s fairly light and saved our butts during a recent trip to Spain.

But this entry isn’t about the laptop or Averatec. It’s about a different company with apparently crappy customer service.

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