Interesting things I saw today 5/22/10

Kids heading off to what we guess is their prom. Hereafter referred to as “prommies.”

Some of the prommies stopped and posed for pictures a bit farther on.

and later on we listened to a bit of Caribbean music coming from the band nearby.

Stopped in to Mi Cocina for cocktails and people-watching but none of the photos I took conveyed the truly interesting and eye-popping reality so they aren’t being posted.

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Band shirts for old people

Seen at Macys in the “mature” ladies section. I feel really old.

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St. Patrick’s craic

There was really good craic at Lochrann’s on St. Patrick’s day. Various groups from the Emerald School performed across Dallas all day Tuesday and Susan sent me a text after their last performance telling me to meet her and Andi at Lochrann’s.


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*sigh* An imminently danceable band

Jigsaw was playing before we danced on Thursday night and played a Jig that would have been perfect for our turnaround jig.


Why *sigh*?

Because we only ever dance to recorded music. Bleh.

Irish Dance Wiki open

We’ve opened up the Irish Dance Wiki which aims to become for Irish dancing what Wikipedia is to general information.

Everyone is welcome to contribute and fill out information on schools, dancing venues, stores, books, videos, etc as they’re related to Irish dancing.

At the moment there are a large list of schools in the South USA area and links to organizations, resources and venues of interest to Irish dancers.

The wiki is open for editing so feel free to add information about your school, class, store, pub, band, etc that either caters directly to Irish dance or welcomes dancers.

Slingshot with a laser sight has released a new sling shot for the aiming impaired.

It’s powered by a decent sized power band, has an arm brace to make things easy on your wrist and is aimed with, you guessed it, a laser.

The PS-52 is small enough to slide into your back pocket or can be carried in your fishing box. Using the laser sight, you can accurately, quickly & effectively strike a target. Simply point the laser at your target & shoot.

Sounds to me like they’re encouraging all kinds of mischief but with a laser sight at least the target will get some warning.

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Dancing at Trinity Hall Aug 26, 2006

This Saturday night a group of us are going out to Trinity Hall to listen to some music played by the TIMES band and get up on the floor and dance. Maybe the management will be willing to move some tables again if enough people show up.

The band starts at 8pm and will be playing until midnight. We probably won’t be there the entire four hours but we will be getting there early to try to grab a good set of tables.

This is also a good opportunity to show your support for the O’Flaherty retreat as the band members will be donating gig wages and tips toward the retreat.

Hope to see you there!

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Photographing reflection Holograms

Getting a good photograph of a hologram isn’t always an easy proposition but if you use the right tools and are patient you can get excellent results just about every time.

This tutorial assumes you have full control of the hologram and can take it off the wall at will. If you’re trying to take a picture of a hologram that’s permanently mounted to a wall or one where the owner won’t allow you to move it, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

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