Lochrann’s Apr 20, 2008

This was a fun session with Jean, Brandy, Heather, Andi, Karen, Pam, Susan and myself.

By the end we had Jim, ?, Wendy, David and James playing music.

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SCMA ceili Apr 12, 2008

The ceili at the Move Studio was fun with a bunch of new people showing up from Gainesville and even Austin.

We danced most of the Ballingeary Jig Set as well as Flowers of Edinburgh and a few two-hand dances and the High Cauled Cap.

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Friday set workshop

It was great fun, we learned a fast and frantic Ballingeary Jig Set followed by an easier set whose name I forget at the moment.


As always Padraig and Roisin were great instructors although they’re human too and messed up one set.  Naturally I have that on video and the rest of the Club Rince Ghaelaigh will see it as Susan and I pass on the sets we’re learning.

Fun time.