HP TX1120us mini review

What follows is a quick review of the HP TX1120. Others will no doubt put out extensive reviews with lots of pictures but I wanted to put out a quick review by someone who was looking to buy a new tablet PC without breaking the bank.

My requirements were:

  1. A reasonably fast machine but not a desktop replacement.
  2. A inexpensive as possible. I was going to have to convince wifey that I needed a new machine without breaking the bank. My older Averatec C3500 isn’t entirely dead yet but it only gets an hour of runtime per charge and is showing its age.
  3. An active screen, preferably Wacom compatible.

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Update on BatteryGeek

This is a follow-up to my last review of BatteryGeek.

On September 15th Sean from BatteryGeek contacted me about a review of his battery pack I’d posted on Amazon. He was "painfully disappointed" about it and wasn’t sure where the ball was dropped but suspected that their relocation from Texas to Oregon was the source of the customer service problems I’d experienced.

He asked if I would "kindly consider removing your negative amazon.com feedback and whatever other negative comments you have left for my company and products anywhere else on the web."

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