Cafe Malaga

I’ve been on a Sangria kick ever since going to El Cerro in Orlando and Susan and I made it out to Cafe Malaga in McKinney for lunch on Saturday.

It wasn’t be best experience we’ve had there but the company was good and while the Sangria was bloody expensive, it was tasty.

Unfortunately the ladies who have been running the cafe every other time we’ve been in were nowhere to be found and they’d left it in the hands of the men. This was a mistake. Not a fatal one, but not a good one either. I’ll admit that I generally have a bias against waiters as they typically aren’t as service oriented as women. This time was no exception.

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Table testing pt III

Parts I and II are part of my original blogging back before I started using blog software.

This is a continuation of the some of the discussion from this thread.

I’ve done a ton of testing over the last few days, changing air in my inner tubes, swapping lasers and optics, moving my big laser off the table, wandering around the house doing various housely things and recording what happens to the fringes in an interferometer.

Here’s what I’ve found.

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I am fully operational Sir

The board and software now have everything I need (the rest is a bit fluffy) which includes:
1) Software control of both lasers (although I still need to hook the AC relay board to the 33mW laser).
2) Software switches for the lasers and shutters.
3) Basic light sensors that can check to make sure the shutter opened.
4) Status lights for when a laser is on and when an exposure is in-progress (IE, the shutter is open and film is being exposed).

Some shots of the board follow.
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