Astro pictures July 13, 2009

Waddayaknow, the Moon is made of green cheese.


I know, lots of Moon pictures. It’s a good target with lots of interesting texture.

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Astro pictures July 11, 2009

It was nice and cool this morning with a light breeze the interfered with my picture taking but felt good so I rather have had it than not.

Took a look at the ring nebula again but don’t have any pictures worth sharing and followed up by checking to see if it really was Neptune that I saw yesterday morning. Turns out that it was indeed.


The picture’s not great because of the wind but the blueish dot is the planet Neptune. No, really.

Susan couldn’t sleep and came outside with Chip to see some stars and I showed her what I’d been looking at. Jupiter put on a good showing and the Moon was pretty as usual.


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