James Orland “Bud” Hasty

His family called him Bud, but he gave J. Orland Hasty to the city directory man. The oldest boy and second child of ten, Orland was born in 1886 in Kemper County, Mississippi. By 1900 his parents, James Scott Hasty and Mattie Ann Watkins, had moved their eight children across the county line to Daleville, Lauderdale, Mississippi. Orland was still in school at age 14, although his 16 year old sister Onie was working in a general store. Two years later the family moved to Meridian and got a house on Poplar Springs Drive, and the father went to work for the A. Gressett Music House. Orland gained two more sisters in 1903 and 1908, but he lost his baby brother Telius Algier to measles in 1904.

In 1907 Orland married Janie Clark, and in 1908 he appeared in the Meridian city directory as a harness maker for the Threefoot Brothers & Co. During that time a photographer named Hardt took this photo.

Orland in the 1908 Meridian city directory

Orland and Janie had no children. In December 1910 he died of tuberculosis at age 24.

Whaa? Oh, that’s all right then.

Meridian Star 9-21-1961 Radioactive Fallout Normal 1From the front page of The Meridian Star, Sept. 21, 1961 — the Russians are testing nukes again, but not to worry. Miss Hasty is keeping watch. She even has three radiation-testing machines, from No Biggie to Uh Oh to Here Come the Mutants!Meridian Star 9-21-1961 Russians test nukes

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Meridian Star 9-21-1961 Radioactive Fallout Normal 2Meridian Star 9-21-1961 Radioactive Fallout Normal 3