Graffiti by laser

I’d seen mention of this group before but never a description of how their laser tagging actually works.  Until I read the article in the NYT that is.

As Mr. Powderly neared the museum’s entrance, he jumped off the cycle and pointed it toward a bare stretch on a garage door across the street. Mr. Roth pulled a laser pointer from his pocket, and as he moved the laser’s green dot across the wall, a line of what looked like thick, drippy paint lit up its surface, roughly following the motion of his hand.

This actually sounds pretty darn cool.

Joining the crowd of cyclists, Mr. Powderly followed them as they moved through the honking streets of Brooklyn. In search of a spot to project their graffiti, they settled on the handball courts of McCarren Park in Greenpoint.

Mr. Powderly positioned the cycle to face the court’s gray concrete wall. Within a few minutes, someone had drawn a detailed sketch of a bicycle, and another person had traced an outline of an American flag.

Art Rage 2.5

Alright, just to get it right out in the open, the Ambient Design guys rock.

Besides being a nice bunch of people (actually I’ve only corresponded with Matt Fox-Wilson and I’m sure he doesn’t remember but they’re all great guys, I’m sure) and I’ve probably been swayed somewhat because they’ve got a cat as a mascot but if you haven’t tried Art Rage with either a Tablet PC or a Wacom compatible digitizer, you’re missing out.

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Trees on Isla del Rosario

tree The trees on the property of Majagua were very photogenic. Hopefully one day my drawing skills will be able to capture then fully. 🙂

Giant’s Causeway

Giants Causeway

More Art Rage "art work"

Made from a picture we took while in Ireland a few years ago.

Cartagena Art 2


Maybe "art" is too strong for this stuff but so what? 🙂

This one was of some trees on Isla del Rosario.

Done with Art Rage 2 on a Fujitsu T4215.

Cartagena Art 1


Here’s a picture done by a young boy in Cartagena with my tablet PC.

While I was having lunch in a cafe near the hotel he came over to see what I was doing and since my food had just arrived I turned the tablet toward him and handed him the stylus.

He didn’t Know any English and my Spanish is horrible but I managed to show him how to use art Rage and off he went.

Funky Neon Birdman

Done with Art Rage 2.0

Blessed art thou

If you aren’t a painter (I’m not, though I’d like to be) and have wondered what it takes to create a painting, go look at Kate’s Studio

where she’s documented most of the steps she went through to create the following.

Check it out