Interesting things 6/11/10

This is what I’ve been working so much overtime for the last 10 days. I don’t blog work details so this is all you’re getting. 🙂

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Dead hologram controller

Ugh. I went to power up the table on Saturday and discovered the main controller wouldn’t come on.

At first I thought the laptop had frozen (it doesn’t this every once in a blue moon) but no, it was running just fine.

Poking around under the table revealed a slightly melted fuse cover on the main controller and a fuse with no wire at all.

The recent electrical storms had apparently tried to toast the controller.

After purchasing some new fuses I found that the recent electrical storms had succeeded in frying the controller. As soon as I turn it on the fuse blows in a spectacular way. Short in the transformer? That’s what I’m hoping.

Need a job? My “day job” employer is hiring

Presagis is looking for Program Engineers (what I do) in the Richardson office. If you don’t have all the requisite skills you might still want to apply as some job training is to be expected.

We won’t be teaching you C/C++ though and graphics experience is a major plus. Being good at figuring things out and curious about how to get the job done more efficiently are definitely traits we’re looking for.

Using OneNote to make holograms

OneNote has been written about ad-infinitum as a tool for note taking in meetings and classes, as a general information repository and as a collaboration tool but I’d like to introduce you to another use that I’m putting OneNote to.

Making holograms.

Or more specifically, documenting both the process I go through when creating a hologram and the results from that process in the form of notes and pictures.

As most of you will probably know, OneNote is a great repository for all sorts of information. It has allowed me to combine a number of sources into one place so that when needed, I can easily refer back to previous results when I’m making a new hologram.

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Safelight for the computer


If you find yourself needing to take your laptop into the lab, you can make life simpler by making a safelight cover for the screen.

I know most of you who make holograms don’t carry around a tablet and those who carry around one probably don’t make holograms but for others who, like me, do both, here’s a way to take the computer into the lab without having to turn the screen off while film is out and about and you can save your "night" vision for what is probably a dimly lit lab.

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Dear Palm: It’s time for an intervention – Engadget

 No shit.

Even if you only implemented half the suggestions we’ve laid out here we think you could really turn things around. And we do, honestly, want you to make it through this thing. We want to love Palm like we loved it in the old days, and know somewhere, deep down, you’ve got some fight left in you. And believe you us, this is your shot. The bottom’s about to drop out on the Treo, and if you can’t make it happen soon, you may never get another chance to get a foothold on innovation.

Dear Palm: It’s time for an intervention – Engadget

Recording Conversations With OneNote

OneNote is a great tool for note taking and information management. It also is a good tool for recording meetings and conversations. If you haven’t heard about ON’s ability to search audio recordings head over here to read more.

ON does a good job of indexing audio which can then be searched much as you’d search a text file.  This is especially convenient in cases when you know someone said something in a meeting but you don’t know exactly when.  By indexing your audio you don’t have to listen to the entire meeting again as long as the audio is of good quality.

What none of the marketing info covers are the laws that affect your ability to record those conversations and what you can do with those recordings after you’ve made them.

More after the jump.

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Art Rage 2.5

Alright, just to get it right out in the open, the Ambient Design guys rock.

Besides being a nice bunch of people (actually I’ve only corresponded with Matt Fox-Wilson and I’m sure he doesn’t remember but they’re all great guys, I’m sure) and I’ve probably been swayed somewhat because they’ve got a cat as a mascot but if you haven’t tried Art Rage with either a Tablet PC or a Wacom compatible digitizer, you’re missing out.

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Dance for me, little atom!

Do they wear dancing costumes?

Reuters reports that NIST has developed what may someday become a building block for quantum computing.

Suspended in laser light, thousands of atoms pair up and dance, each moving in perfect counterpoint to its partner. Porto’s team isolated pairs of atoms in a lattice of light formed by six laser beams all fixed on one point, suspending the atoms in a uniform pattern. "There is no container. It is levitated by the laser beams."

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Windows Vista, go back where you came from!

Last week there was a rumor that a beta of Vista SP1 was going to be released any day now.

This week the rumor (supposedly iron-clad) is that SP1 won’t be out for more than a year.

Most people who’ve tried Vista would likely say that SP1 needs to come out this year.

Now there’s another tech writer who’s coming out of the closet and planning on switching back to XP.

Vista is taking body blows by ZDNet‘s Marc Orchant — I’ve been on a bit of a blog and RSS hiatus the past couple of days and have been working my way through tales of destruction and distress (the 365 outage, not Lindsay Lohan’s latest episode), news, and views. In my reading, there’s a recurring theme that beats louder all the time. People are just not loving Vista.

I’ll grant you that my four-day test of Vista shouldn’t be taken as gospel.  That was enough for me to know that there weren’t any features in Vista that I could live without and UAC I couldn’t live with.  Add to that that Vista is slower and device support isn’t as good and it was easy for me to see that XP was where I needed to stay.

Other people are finally coming around.