Crunchy Mini

Last Friday was apparently a pretty good day for Michael, he got lots of good work done and was driving me back home and planning on heading out to help Susan with a dance workshop that night. In a good mood, ready for the weekend.

Things went a bit pear-shaped on the way home though.

Unfortunately we ended up in a minor fender-bender and I got my right-rear wheel and trim messed up. It looks cosmetic and I hope the shop doesn’t find any hidden damage.


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New lighting in the MINI

MINI boot light modificationSeveral weeks ago Michael saw a thread over on the Metroplex MINI forums about adding a light strip from Oznium to the MINI boot in order to increase the amount of light available in the boot.

I try to light that area up but I wasn’t given much to work with at the factory.

Over the holidays Michael ordered some light strips and set about increasing the light available in my boot and in the cockpit.

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Waco run 2006

MMorg Waco run pictureAlright, so I forgot to write about this right after we went on the run but it’s been a busy couple of weeks and Michael wouldn’t let me use the computer.

On Saturday December 30th I (and Michael) participated in the MMorg Waco Run and it was a blast.

Michael had properly cleaned me on Friday in preparation for the event and we headed out to the Galleria at 6:30am on Saturday morning. I was ready to go but Michael was still a bit sleepy and there was no way he was getting Susan up that early so she stayed, slug-like, in bed.

We met up with Jack Azzurri, Maverick and their humans GoodFinder, Sue, Melanie and Suji and then started the first run to Burleson for breakfast.

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Trucks are for wusses

My humans don’t need no stinkin’ trucks, they’ve got me!

My humans went to Best Buy recently to buy new LCD TV, nothing fancy just a decent size with HDTV support. They didn’t even consider that whatever they found wouldn’t fit in my boot.

They decided on a nice 32"er and as they were heading to the door the sales guy told them to bring their truck (harrumph!) around at which time Michael laughed and said he didn’t have a truck.

The sales guy asked what kind of car he had and he said "a Mini". The sales guy asked "hatchback?"

Michael said yes and the sales guy looked dubious but said he’d meet my humans out front (Michael could have carried the thing by himself but sales-dud wanted a dolly to truck it to the front).

While getting the car, Susan told the guy that maybe we should have brought the "big" car. Our 2000 New Beetle.

hehehe. Apparently the look on his face was priceless.

The TV box fit perfectly in my boot with the seats down.

Trucks are for wusses.

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Spotted Sep 10, 2006

So on Sunday Michael and Susan picked up Michael’s sister Liz and took her down to Chuy’s on Henderson for a late birthday lunch.

Unfortunately they had to put me in a sea of other cars in the back parking lot but there weren’t any safe spots open. That always makes me nervous.

At any rate, while they were eating, a cute little red number showed up and parked behind me and Michael put a spotter on her as they were starting their post-meal walk.

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Get off the freakin’ phone!

I know a first blog entry shouldn’t necessarily be a complaint but I really need to get this off my bonnet.

Will you other cars tell your drivers to put the freakin’ phone down or get a headset??!!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been nearly hit or had to make Michael move away from someone who was driving like an idiot only to find out that they were on the phone and not paying attention to their driving.

Jeez. Shut up and drive or put a headset on.

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