Updates to DanceMinder

There were a number of changes to DanceMinder this weekend as I’ve integrated WordPress into the site and created a Facebook community page. I’ve also tweaked the look slightly so that it’s a bit cleaner. Give it a look and give the community page a Like.

Lusmagh and Fraoch on DanceMinder

Two additional sets have been added to DanceMinder.  The Lusmagh and Sliabh Fraoch. I’ve never done the Lusmagh but it looks like a easy to learn set.  The Sliabh Fraoch I’ve done at Cape May 2007 and it’s a fun bouncy set.

Dance picture updates

For a number of reasons, we’ve been tardy in putting up pictures from recent dancing events.  Well, here they are: Trinity Hall Feb 19 NTIF 2012 Trinity Hall Mar 18 The next dance is on April 7th at the Sammons Center.  Come on out and join the fun!

Irish Dance in D/FW

Irish Dance FAQ  | Irish Dance Links Did you know there is a whole world of Irish dance beyond Riverdance and little girls wearing bright costumes in dance competitions? People of all ages and nationalities get together and turn toe tapping into happy social dances set to traditional, lively Irish tunes. Céilís (pronounced “kay lees”) are … Continue reading Irish Dance in D/FW

Irish dance wiki open again

We had to disable article editing by non-users due to the amount of spamming that was going on but with the recent move to a new server we’ve been able to upgrade the wiki and improve the anti-spam controls. This means that the wiki is completely open again and will remain so a long as … Continue reading Irish dance wiki open again

Irish dance opportunities for the Fall and beyond

A couple of exciting céilís are in your future — one at Trinity Hall this coming Sunday with more dancers than usual, then in September the season kick-off SCMA Céilí in a fabulous new venue. A new class in McKinney starts September 8. Plus you have a couple of great dancing-and-vacation opportunities in 2011. Read … Continue reading Irish dance opportunities for the Fall and beyond

Irish dance events in April

There are several great opportunities in April, hope to see you at one more more! April has two céilís and a new class in store for you. The usual first Sunday dancing at Trinity Hall moved to the 11th, a week from tomorrow, to make way for the Easter bunny. Enjoy your chocolate eggs, and … Continue reading Irish dance events in April

Set dance class starting Mar 3rd

Irish Set Dance Class in McKinney – March 3 to April 7, 2010 Hey! Would you like to learn fun dances or add snazzy footwork to your repertoire? Register now for the Irish Set Dance class in McKinney. Bring a friend, spouse, a young’un age 12 and up, or just yourself. It’s a great way … Continue reading Set dance class starting Mar 3rd

Updating the Irish Dance Wiki

I’ve made a number of updates to the Canadian area of the Irish Dance Wiki (rincepedia), if you’ve got any additions or changes you’d like made, head on over and make ’em! The site’s for dancers and musicians world-wide and everyone is able to edit. Technorati : dance, irish, wiki Del.icio.us : dance, irish, wiki