Fsm Visitation!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has blessed us with a visitation!

Even though I’ve only recently been made aware of the true nature of the creation of the universe, my enthusiasm for FSMism has clearly been noted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster as he’s appeared to me while I was working on a hologram.

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New hologram class starting up this fall

Have to toot my own horn. I’ll be starting a holography class through the Plano Parks and Recreation Center system this fall.

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Lack of Post-sale Customer Service

Back in May 2005 I purchased an Averatec C3500 tablet PC. It was a bit of an impulse buy but I was looking for another model from Averatec that had everything the C3500 has but no tablet and after getting a demo I decided to buy one. I’m pretty happy with the laptop except that the beast runs hot and has pretty awful battery life. I can squeeze two hours out of it but that’s the maximum. On the other hand it’s fairly light and saved our butts during a recent trip to Spain.

But this entry isn’t about the laptop or Averatec. It’s about a different company with apparently crappy customer service.

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Back from Spain

Well, we’re back.

It was a fun, new, exciting, thrilling, tiring, frustrating, adventurous two weeks and we’re back home safe and sound.

Some quick highlights are:
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New toy

Along with dealing with the silliness on The holography forum, I’ve been playing with a new toy in The form of a tablet pc the Averatec C3500 . In fact, I’ve written all this on the tablet screen.

I still need a lot of practice though.

This took way too long to enter.

Gallery updated & new MSDS added

I’ve updated the gallery page with a simple (Paypal) way to purchase almost all of the holograms featured here and I’ve also added a few new MSDS documents to the site.

Index matching, cont

After these attempts I’ve continued refining my index matching methods and I’m two for two. I made a hologram this morning with the second piece of film that I’d TEA treated yesterday and the final hologram is nice bright and clear.

On the other hand, I’ve got to improve my pre-index methods as there were several small pieces of lint and one thread that was apparently on the film before I put it on the glass.

Fortunately none of these show up in the final image.
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