Why can’t we?

Chip says “I want to walk across on the dam.”

“Why can’t we go all the way?”

Dairy Queen!

Something about a road trip on a hot day turns a DQ sign into a hypnotizing tractor beam. I’m a kid again, on endless summer car trips to Grandma’s house in Mississippi. The only entertainment is dot-to-dot, word search, and keeping my eyeballs peeled for Dairy Queen or Stucky’s. Chocolate milkshakes from Stuckey’s were the most amazing things to be savored and made to last as loooooong as possible. It was like being let out of a dark prison cell for one glorious hour in the sunny exercise yard, after which there was only darkness again.Now that I’m a grown-up, going where I want and stopping as many G…D… times as I want to, yeah, I still can’t resist the siren call of D.Q. Ahh.

Willow Grove Park at sunset

Staying in this small Lake Dallas park has felt like having a lake house without the worry over flooding. There’s plenty of space between sites, especially being half empty, and we have lake views from every window. The blue herons and snowy egrets stand sentry in the water, while mallards paddle along in groups. A nearby birdhouse hosts actual bluebirds! I still get a thrill seeing those guys and wonder where they’ve been all my life. A newly-built trail around part of the lake made for a couple of interesting exercise walks.

As a special treat, Michael built a fire tonight, and the temps cooled off enough that we could sit outside around 9pm without broiling ourselves.

1st weaving with Fay

We moved camp to a spot on Lake Dallas (Lewisville), and I decided to indulge in a little weaving time. Even though we’re not fully unpacked, and I still have half a gazillion boxes of slides to go through, I deserve a little creative time.

Right? Right. Besides, Herr POTUS who must not be named is liable to start WWIII tonight in Singapore, so drink up, me hearties, and do whatever ye like!

Testing out the little red wagon

RV park with trees and gnomes

This little park near Denton features beautiful shade trees and miniature residents. I wonder what they’re saying about us?

One last roll in the grass

Chip asks “can we take the yard with us?”

1st morning in our new house

Today is our first official morning of saying “We live here now.” This is home; the sticks and bricks place is work, for a little longer.

EP 8 – Open Houseses!

This video is going to be light on talking and heavy on text popping up.  Not as much fun as pop up video (how old are you?) but in the ballpark.  I was running out of time and it takes a lot to get these put together.

We had two open house weekends, one at Hidden Cove Park for some relatives that couldn’t make the main weekend and a second week at Hickory Creek for everyone else.

Several friends had encouraged us to have a going away party but getting the house packed and ready for selling, getting Fay ready for travel, getting our toad (more details in the next post) and so on meant no energy for planning and executing a party.  Plus the house is a virtual wreck and we’re running low on dishes and chairs since we’re downsizing furiously.

So, open houseses seemed like the best compromise.

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Without further ado, here’s a snapshot of the last two weeks.

Mentioned in the video, Chito’s Mexican restaurant (taco truck)

Dancing office

The dance room is now our office. It’s not nearly as much fun, but it does represent progress in moving out.