We went to an RV show

More specifically we went to the Dallas RV SUPERSALE.

We didn’t have any intention of buying but thought it would be good to wander about looking at options.

Going on a Thursday meant we avoided the crowds and I thought we’d be assaulted by sales people.  Wow, was I wrong.  The sales people studiously ignored us near the RVs.  Either we didn’t look like their demographic or they were all thinking “You must come to us and experience the glory of our wares” or some such.  Most of the wares were pretty nice.

It wasn’t until we got to the accessory vendor area that people were interested in trying to sell to us.  Those people were hungry.

The RVs were really nice and I really really wish that Airstream made an A class that had the design aesthetic that their trailers do.  There was one that looked as much like a starship on the inside as they do on the inside.  If they’d had an A, Susan would have had to tie me up and take my credit card away.

The primary design aesthetic of most of the other RVs was something along the line of “put as much crap in there as we can.”

Most of them weren’t horrible looking but they went for the most expensive “look” they could get without actually spending any money.  The ones from Tiffen were better in that they used higher quality material but they also went the route of adding fiddly little bits that added unnecessary weight but really didn’t add much in the way of design value.

One of the RVs looked like it came out of the reboot of Restoration Hardware.  You know the one.  Where everything looks like it belongs in a mausoleum populated by vampires.  What I didn’t know when I said something similar out loud was that the RV has just been purchased and the buyer was sitting 6 feet away.  Oops.

So anyway, though we saw some impressive RVs, we managed to leave without buying anything.

Next?  On to our first trip in an RV to the Texas Hill Country.

What is “The Great Escape”

This will be updated later when I have time to sit down and write but our “Great Escape” (better name later) refers to our desire to live somewhere that isn’t called Texas.

We’ve been here very literally our whole lives and it’s time to try living somewhere else.

Stay tuned.  More details later.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of our dog, Chip.

You woke me up for this?
You woke me up for this?