We been robbed

November 1897

The judge said Pops was drunk and don’t get but $300 from the railroad.  Moms cried ’cause that ain’t much.  Shur sounds like a pile o’gold to me, but Moms tol’ me to hush up.











Judge Gonna Give Us Money

January 1896

Pops still hurts real bad.  Uncle Jim and Uncle John say Moms better do a law-suit.  The railroad oughta pay, that’s fer damn sure.  I can’t get in trouble ’cause that’s what Uncle John said.

1 Dr. Q.L. Brantley's_suit_filed_against_Southern_Railway 29 Jan 1896








No Christmas for Us

Christmas 1895

Pops got caught by a train.  He was supposed to catch the train, but the train caught him.  Now he can’t doctor no more.  Moms is upset, says she don’t know how we’ll eat.  That’s silly ’cause we have crops and chickens everywhere.  Today was supposed to be Christmas.  Now it ain’t.

Brantley house in Gwinnett Co.