The rain is gone

Finally. Let there be blue skies!

Steam Poached Eggs

I’d tried to cook poached eggs in the past and ended up with egg drop soup and an egg blob that was watery and not very appetizing.

I recently discovered, for myself of course, steam poached eggs.

I’ve also discovered that for a quick egg and toast meal, I really like them.

Easy to cook, easy cleanup and, as long as you like eggs, good tasting and with a bit of Penzey’s Greek or Sunny Spain seasoning, even better.

Start off with a vessel for the water (make sure you have a cover for it) and for the egg you’re going to cook.  I’m using a wok and small porcelain cup.  The latter is nice and smooth on the inside and the egg comes out easily when using a silicone spatula.

You only need enough water to go up to about halfway on the vessel/cup you’ll use for the egg.  Put your cup in the water, add a little butter to the cup if you want a bit of buttery flavor and the water to a boil while covered.

Once the water starts to boil, drop in the egg and re-cover.

Start a timer for 2 1/2 minutes.  Vary the time depending on how soft or hard you like your egg yolks.

When the timer goes off, your egg should be done.

Remove the cup from the water, a silicone hot pad works well, scoop the egg out with a small spatula and eat.

Saga Of The Ear, Let There Be Blood!

Because some of you won’t be happy until you see blood, I’m going to give you blood.

But first, a picture of me just back home after being opened up and shuffled by the Doctor.  Without the blood.

I don’t look too different for having been shuffled

Yep.  They sent me home with a giant wad of gauze strapped to my head.

Now that’s out of the way, to the blood!

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Saga Of The Ear, Continued

Because social media platforms will likely pick the first image as a preview here’s a picture of our best boy.


Here we are again.  You and me.

We’ve never really been apart but it feels like you haven’t been around much.  You just did your thing and nobody really noticed.

You were keeping half of the sound to yourself that should have mine but I’d gotten used to that.

And then you wanted some attention.

You developed a hole.  Apparently my head needed some ventilation.

We noticed the hole back in August and decided to see if it would heal on its own or if you would try to kill me again.

You decided on the latter.

I’m being a bit hyperbolic here.  Beware my gentle-hearted readers.  There will be photos below the fold.

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It must be Halloween

The black cats are leaving their subterranean lair, to eat you.

They. Are. Coming.

Gorgeous crescent

Along with Venus, before the new moon.

We’re radioactive

What harm can radioactive coffee do at this point?


Even the worms…

Your morning caterpillar