Astro pictures July 13, 2009

Waddayaknow, the Moon is made of green cheese.


I know, lots of Moon pictures. It’s a good target with lots of interesting texture.

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Astro pictures July 11, 2009

It was nice and cool this morning with a light breeze the interfered with my picture taking but felt good so I rather have had it than not.

Took a look at the ring nebula again but don’t have any pictures worth sharing and followed up by checking to see if it really was Neptune that I saw yesterday morning. Turns out that it was indeed.


The picture’s not great because of the wind but the blueish dot is the planet Neptune. No, really.

Susan couldn’t sleep and came outside with Chip to see some stars and I showed her what I’d been looking at. Jupiter put on a good showing and the Moon was pretty as usual.


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Astro picture July 6, 2009

Some new sunspots have been growing since Saturday and I tried to take some pictures this evening.

They looked in-focus in the 1" camera screen. Oh well, better luck next time.


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Astro pictures July 4, 2009

Woke up in the middle of the night wide awake and decided to see what was happening in the sky this morning.

At first I found that there was a thin layer of clouds obscuring everything but soon enough those went away and the sky became fairly clear and moonless.

I spent some time just looking at Jupiter and playing around before pulling out the cameras and a new holder I made last night that fits all my cameras and also fits over all my current eyepieces.


The nylon screws ensure that the eyepieces won’t be scratched yet hold the camera securely to said eyepieces.

I took several shots of Jupiter before moving over to look at M31, the Andromeda nebula and M32. I see now that I should have gone looking for M110 as well but I guess I’ll have to do that another morning.

I got some halfway decent shots of Jupiter both before Ganymede moved into Jupiter’s shadow


and after. The moon’s gone!


Afterward I attempted a 15 second shot (the longest my camera is capable of) of M31 which came out ok.


It looks like a big fuzzy patch which is pretty much what I see through the scope.

Things look quite a lot sharper through the scope and I have some hope I’ll be able to get better pictures with practice.

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Jupiter June 23, 2009

It was another good morning for observing. I set up the scope at 4:30am and started out by observing Jupiter for a bit and using some fuzziness I saw along one edge to tweak the collimation of my scope. I know I can get better collimation out of it but I got as good as I could pending more practice.

I moved on to M31 for a bit and attempted to find a couple of open clusters (no luck, probably the magnification was too high) before moving back to Jupiter and its moons Io, Ganymede and Europa in order outward from the planet.

I tried to get a picture and was partially successful.


It’s a bit fuzzy but not too bad

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Saturn, June 15th

I haven’t come close to mastering taking a photo through my telescope yet. Heck, I haven’t completely mastered aligning the thing but I have been having fun attempting shots of Jupiter and Saturn. The Moon has been relatively easy since it’s so bright but the former two have presented a challenge.

I got an "ok" shot of Saturn a couple of nights ago though…


It was taken through the eyepiece with a Canon S400.

If you look closely at the "left" side of Saturn you’ll see a small dot that is one of its moons, Titan.

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To the Moon, Alice!


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