Sunset Nov 11, 2015

We sure do get some nice sunsets around here.

Sad dragon is wishing for wings

This is an older picture from before he got his wings.  I’ll post another soon of him with wings.  He still looks sad though.  Perhaps because he can’t fly.

Zero stops everyone

Mexican Train Dominoes.


Something about the geometry on the table makes me want to take pictures…


Spring is here so it’s time to be outdoors.  Wandering about at work and stopped to take some pictures of the photogenic rocks that are piled up in our parking lot.

SPOD – Jellyfish Clouds

Sky Picture Of the Day for April 20, 2013

Very nice clouds in the morning.  Winds on the ground headed West and winds aloft headed East with the clouds leaving streamers behind.

SPOD – Gold

Sky Picture Of the Day for March 18, 2013

Turns out I won’t be doing these every day.  It’s taking up more time than I’d expected and I still have a massive backlog of other things to take care of in the evening.  I’ll be doing these as nature cooperates and time permits.

SPOD – Tel Aviv Sunrise

Sky Picture Of the Day for Feb 23, 2013