Teen Delinquents Foiled by Midnight Curfew

…and you won’t mind telling us everything, unless you have something to hide. Straight from the 1950s, when high school kids learned how to go along to get along.

We been robbed

November 1897

The judge said Pops was drunk and don’t get but $300 from the railroad.  Moms cried ’cause that ain’t much.  Shur sounds like a pile o’gold to me, but Moms tol’ me to hush up.











Lightsaber fog

We get some of the strangest fog around here.

The timelines are merging

Be careful out there, Dallas peeps.

Chip and I are out walking. Here’s hoping we find Susan in the house when we get home. Here’s hoping the house is still there.

Bit of Dec dancing at Trinity Hall

Just a bit of the dancing at the Dec 11 ceili @ Trinity Hall. Haymaker’s Jig and Antrim Square

He puts hot sauce in his pants

That’s probably not what the nearby coffee shop patron said, but that’s what I heard.

Improvised lighting for close ups

Using up lots of digital bits getting close up shots of coins watches and jewelry