My Dog Is Awesome

OK, so this won’t be original any more than the umpteenth “LOL Cat” video, but it has to be written to show my love for this little dog.Chip hoping for a treat

Two years ago Chip the Miniature Schnauzer became part of our pack. Here are a few things I absolutely love about this remarkable dog, in no particular order. These behaviors are part of his nature; we have not taught him any of this.

  1. Chip can sit directly in front of people food and not even try to eat it. I’m talking chicken, cheese, and tortilla chips — he may look at us, look at the food, look at us, to say “Wouldn’t you like to share?” but he does not sneak a bite, even if we walk away.
  2. If you pretend to throw a toy for him, he runs to the spot where it normally lands and bounces like a cartoon character while looking for it.
  3. When we humans come home, Chip gives a greeting growl, grabs a squeaky toy, and races around the house squeaking it for joy.
  4. He loves meeting other dogs with an open heart and a tail spinning like a propeller.
  5. If a human offers a tasty treat like cheese, Chip gingerly takes it without accidentally biting or slobbering on the hand that feeds him.
  6. Chipster is allowed to sit beside us on the couch, but he waits to be invited and curls up on his towel. Well, sometimes he does inch closer to the people and off the towel but only for good reason like the need to have his head or tummy rubbed.

Chip spent his first three years of life in a dreadful puppy mill before it was turned in to the authorities, the dogs seized, and this boy sent to the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas. They cured him of a severe case of heartworms plus other parasites and injuries. Now Chip is strong and healthy, runs and walks with his humans, even 3 mile walks, which keeps him in fine form at 15½ pounds. If you have room in your home and time to devote to a fabulous family member, consider adopting a Mini Schnauzer from MSRNT. They’re great!

Chip after grooming 7-7-2010

Puffy Coffee Cozy

I was working with some knit/crochet ladies on making coffee cup cozies for charity and Puffy coffee cozy2could not find a crochet pattern that was fun but not too tough, so I made one up. The nice thing about this cozy is that the rows of puffs or baubles fit comfortably between the fingers. Let me know if you have any trouble or questions. Happy crocheting!


G hook

worsted weight yarn


ch hdc puff rsc

Puff = [Yarn over (yo), insert hook through desired stitch, yo and pull up a loop] 4 times in same stitch. Yo once more and draw through all 9 loops on hook. Puff complete.


Work in the round, joining at the end of each round.

Chains at the beginning of a round count as one stitch, i.e. Ch2 + 31 hdc counts as 32 hdc.

Work reverse single crochet loosely in final round to avoid adding too much tension.


1. Ch 32.

2. Sl st in 1st ch to join.

3. Rotate around end instead of turning to work in far loops of beginning ch.

4. Ch 2, 1 hdc in 1st st after join and in each st around. Join in top of ch 2. (32 hdc)

5. Repeat step 4.  (Check the fit on a coffee cup. You can undo and add or remove multiples of 2 sts to adjust the size.)

6. Ch 2, 1 hdc in same st as join and in next 15 stitches. 2 hdc in next st. 1 hdc in next 15 sts. Join in top of ch 2. (34 hdc)

7. Ch 3, 1 puff next st. [Dc 1, puff 1] around. Join in top of ch 3.

8. Repeat step 4. (34 hdc)

9. Ch 2, 1 hdc in same stitch as join and in next 16 sts. 2 hdc in next st. 1 hdc in next 16 sts. Join in top of ch 2. (36 hdc)

10. Repeat step 7.

11. Repeat step 4. (36 hdc)

12. Rsc in each stitch around. Slip under a loop inside and down a bit from top edge to hide the join.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

(Updated 12-20-2009.)

Finally, a Fence!

Six weeks to the day after the wind/tornado took out our fence, we finally have a new one. It wasn’t bad not having a fence for a while, and we toyed with the idea of going fence-less (gasp! In Plano?) but watching the alley traffic pass by and gazing on garbage cans strengthened the case for a fence. Adopting Chip cinched it. The new front gate has a pretty arch.

It will be stained in 2-3 weeks, after the wood has a chance to get used to its new situation in life. 


The double-board trim adds a posh touch to the 6″ wide cedar. Kudos to Bob Durone, Horizon Projects, and his crew. I’ll be happy to recommend them to anyone who wants a handsome fence.

What a wind can do

Nature woke us this morning at 3:50am as high winds hit our house and storm sirens sounded. When the rain came, the view northward looked like a hurricane, nearly impossible to see across the street. We never lost electricity, and it seemed like a strong but thrilling storm, not a big deal, until morning.

Oh goody. 13 posts down, and the steel ones seemingly bent.

It was much too exciting for anything but a walk through the neighborhood and to the path Sophie and I like to walk.