Saga Of The Ear, Continued

Because social media platforms will likely pick the first image as a preview here’s a picture of our best boy.


Here we are again.  You and me.

We’ve never really been apart but it feels like you haven’t been around much.  You just did your thing and nobody really noticed.

You were keeping half of the sound to yourself that should have mine but I’d gotten used to that.

And then you wanted some attention.

You developed a hole.  Apparently my head needed some ventilation.

We noticed the hole back in August and decided to see if it would heal on its own or if you would try to kill me again.

You decided on the latter.

I’m being a bit hyperbolic here.  Beware my gentle-hearted readers.  There will be photos below the fold.

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What is “The Great Escape”

This will be updated later when I have time to sit down and write but our “Great Escape” (better name later) refers to our desire to live somewhere that isn’t called Texas.

We’ve been here very literally our whole lives and it’s time to try living somewhere else.

Stay tuned.  More details later.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of our dog, Chip.

You woke me up for this?
You woke me up for this?

It must be Halloween

The black cats are leaving their subterranean lair, to eat you.

They. Are. Coming.

O’Flaherty 2017 – Dancing videos up

I didn’t do as much steady posting as I wanted to during the O’Flaherty Irish Music (& dance) Retreat but I’ve edited down the timelapse and videos I took and you can view them here!

#oflaherty2017 #oflahertyretreat

O’Flaherty 2017 – got floor?

#oflaherty2017 #oflahertyretreat time to dance!

Music (& dance) Retreat

We’re ready. You? 8:30 in the Coffield!

#oflaherty2017 #oflahertyretreat

O’Flaherty 2017 – 1/2 day to go…

It’s almost time for the O’Flaherty Irish Music (& dance) Retreat to begin!

You packed and ready?

#oflaherty2017 #oflahertyretreat

O’Flaherty 2017 – 1 day to go…

One day to go before the O’Flaherty Irish Music (& dance) Retreat begins.  The music and dance are about to start!

#oflaherty2017 #oflahertyretreat

Gorgeous crescent

Along with Venus, before the new moon.

O’Flaherty 2017 – 1 1/2 days to go…

Until the O’Flaherty Irish Music (& dance) Retreat begins!

I thought you could use some video.  Ready for some dancing?

#oflaherty2017 #oflahertyretreat

O’Flaherty 2017 – 2 days to go…

Two more days until the O’Flaherty Irish Music (& dance) Retreat begins.  You’ll be at the big ceili on Saturday night, right?  The dance classes and ceilis are in a new location this year, the Coffield Center.

#oflaherty2017 #oflahertyretreat