Fancy Gap Cabins And Campground

You’re looking for a place near the Blue Ridge Parkway, not too far from Things To Do and not too close either. Take a drive into Virginia and give Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground a shot, which is literally right on the parkway.

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You know you need some wine

If you find yourself in Kansas and need some wine (when is that ever not true?) make sure to take time to stop in at Shiloh Vineyard and Winery for a tasting.

We visited Shiloh as part of a stay through Harvest Hosts while on our way from Oklahoma to Colorado. We went straight from Oklahoma City to Shiloh, at the edge of WaKeeny KS and it was a looong day of driving culminating in a slow drive down a looong dusty road.

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SAFF 2019

What’s SAFF?

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.

We only spent one day but took about 5 hours to get through all the booths containing all sorts of supplies and equipment for fiber arts.

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Craft Fair Of The Southern Highlands

72 years. That’s how long the Southern Highland Craft Guild has been holding this fair. This year they held it in the US Cellular Center in Asheville from October 17-21 and brought 180 artists together on two floors and under one roof.

Craft Fair 2019 (1)

We haven’t been in Asheville long but one of the things that made us want to stay for a while is the arts and crafts community here.  You can’t go a mile without tripping over a dozen artists of one kind or another.  Glass, metal, paint, wood, fiber, precious metals and the list goes on. Continue reading Craft Fair Of The Southern Highlands

Letter Home 13

This letter is chock full of mushroomy goodness though we aren’t going to list all the species we found. Perhaps in another video.

As usual there are timecode links to specific parts of the video and web links to places we visited.

The the end for the actual video

Elkins WV
Revelle’s Campground
Fruity Barrel Cactus 0:31…
Seneca rocks 1:33…
Sites Homestead 2:01…
Mylius Trail 2:09…

Charlottesville VA
Mushrooms around the Charlottesville KOA 2:49…
First mushroom spore print 3:07
Riverview Park 3:57…
Kemper Park 4:05…
Sunspots Studios in Staunton 4:17
Trinity Episcopal Church 4:37
Monticello! 4:53…
Skyline Drive 6:08…

Fancy Gap VA
Fancy Gap Cabins 6:28 https://fancygapcabinsandcampground.c…
Blue Ridge Music Center (mushrooms) 6:51
Hot Lips! 7:01
Cumberland Knob hiking 9:00…

Asheville NC
Mushrooms! 10:00
Rutledge Park train 10:15
Treehouse & bears! 10:38

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