Faoi Do Chois

Over the weekend Susan and I started reviewing a new dance DVD called Faoi Do Chois from Padraig and Roisin McEneany which includes instructions for four sets, the Connemara, Durrow Threshing, Fermanagh and South Sligo Lancers.

While not perfect, this is an excellent resource for those (like us) looking to learn more sets to teach others, or those others looking to just learn more sets.

We haven’t made it all the way through the DVD yet but I wanted to get a basic review out while we study to teach the first few figures of the Durrow Threshing set for an upcoming ceili.

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Sony ebook reader


From the linked article:

"E-books have not made much of an impact as the experience of reading on-screen has failed to live up to expectations. As a result although sales of e-books are growing they still account for only a tiny fraction of the overall book market.

The electronics giant aims to address this with the electronic paper used for the display in the Sony Reader. It says the six-inch black and white screen will be as easy to read as the printed page.

The technology used means the screen is not backlit, avoiding screen flicker, which can put a strain on the eyes.

The device’s display uses technology developed byUS-based firm E-Ink which works by electronically arranging thousands of tiny black and white capsules to form characters."

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Fly little penguin, fly!

I’ve been working on a penguin layout for several weeks now and finally got a good scene combined with the right lighting.

March of the Penguins was the obvious inspiration.

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Happy 2006!

Happy new year!!!
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New FSM layouts

While working on a penguin-gram this morning I spent some time and put together a new layout for the Flying Spaghetti Monster hologram.

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7th International Symposium on Display Holography

The Seventh International Symposium on Display Holography is coming up in Wales on July 10-14 and the second call for papers has been made.

This promises to be another great event, I just wish I could make it out there.


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Laminating update

I’ve updated the Laminating Film to Glass tutorial with pictures.

Click just below to get the link.

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Sony BMG must never get another dime of your money

They certainly will not get any of mine for a long time.

I’m sick and tired of the media companies treating us like criminals. Putting software on our machines that makes them more vulnerable is not a good way to treat your customers.

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The ridiculousness of e-book pricing

From Mobipocket.com

A Million Little Pieces $9.95 – Amazon paperback $9.24


The DaVinci code $14.95 – Amazon hardcover $14.50

And Then There Were None $5.99 – Amazon paperback $6.26

The Rule of Four $6.99 – Amazon paperback $7.99

Night Fall $16.95 – Amazon paperback $7.99

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Palm TX user review

A little over a week ago wifey and I broke down and bought two Palm TX’s as anniversary presents for ourselves to replace our aging Sony Clie T615’s. You know you’ve turned into an old married couple when you buy gadgets for your 16th anniversary. On the other hand I took her out on a day long date on the actual day so there’s still romance there :-).

I know that Palm spells the name of this new device Palm T|X but I and wifey much prefer just "Palm TX". It’s the Texas Palm. Unfortunately it’s not nearly as big feature-wise.

In general we both like them. There are some things we really like (built-in wifi, larger screen) and some we don’t. They’re all detailed below.

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