Baking vegetables

We’ve had several requests for information on how we do our weekly allotment of vegetables and so, here it is.

You won’t find any big secrets here and a big shout out goes to America’s Test Kitchen since the original recipe came from them.

Several years back I started cooking a large batch of veg so that we could get to eating dinner faster and at the same time eat more healthily.  I found a recipe in an ATK volume, though I haven’t re-located it, and each week or so started piling all sorts of veg into casserole dishes and baking them at 500 degrees F for 20-25 minutes.  By taking the veg straight out of the oven and immediately putting into snaplock containers, they self vacuum seal and can last for a several weeks in the refrigerator.

At dinner time, we just grab a container and nuke it until the veg is hot, serve and eat.

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Sun dog

Your Saturday morning sun dog

Go love!

The lover of Jeana writes evidence of their love onto the foundations of the world!

Your Monday snail

Slithering along….

Just keeping it warm

No, he’s not spoiled.


I have touched the orb!


Because, leaves

And water

Cloud eggs. Silly but fun too.

I did a silly thing, thanks to NPR.  I made cloud eggs.

Which turns out is pretty easy if you don’t screw up the meringue.  I’d only tried to make a meringue once before and was unsuccessful.  I suppose I could have looked up the directions in one of my cookbooks or online, but where’s the fun in that?

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Your morning snail