Your Monday caterpillar

Hot air

If you look very carefully, tucked in with some beautiful clouds this morning are a couple of hot air balloons.


Your trash will be judged

I’m not happy that the local YMCA thinks it’s ok to store random crap and trash where they can’t see it but it’s in the face of everyone that walks on the path that wraps around the Y but it had been interesting to see this pallette break down over the last year. Loads of texture for photography.

I bee tired

The hoard continues to grow

Fear the zombie cicada hoard

Light saber starter kit

You shall not escape

I am coming for your children

Your morning snake

 Alive but acting odd. I suspect he was dropped by a predator but didn’t have any external injuries. I moved him to some cover.

Vegetarian fed hens

Vegetarian fed hens.

Vegetarian fed hens.

I knew there was a use for vegetarians.

Your Thursday shrooms